The HIMC is a film program committed to advancing knowledge and skills in filmmaking to our students on the basis of their needs. Whether you are a "do it yourself" enthusiast or a film student our program has something to offer you. Our goal is to give you what you need to become a working film professional.  We begin with fundamentals and progress to state of the art techniques. Our program is designed to give you hands on experience in the field. You will learn how to be creative within a time frame and a budget. With the guidance of our experienced faculty, you will come as close as anyone can to the real Hollywood filmmaking experience.

We want our students to gain a working understanding of the film business, as it exists today. Film schools throughout the world churn out graduates who do not make the transition into the workplace. Their education lacks the practical knowledge our program offers for proven success. We are the filmmakers you dream to become. We are the ones you want to be.


HIMC is affiliated with Columbia College in Hollywood (CCH) and Emerson College in Los Angeles (ELA). These connections place enormous resources at our disposal that we offer entirely to you. Our professors are accredited faculty members from CCH and ELA Colleges. We also invite guest lecturers from many disciplines including practicing professionals in cinema, television and mass media to take part in our program.


Columbia College Hollywood is among the most distinguished and respected institutions of higher education. Founded in 1952 in Los Angeles, the college is WASC accredited (the highest accreditation). It is important to note that CCH, according to the Russian standards, is a university and not merely a technical secondary school with the lower, NASAD accreditation. The most well-known schools with WASC accreditation include the University of Southern California (USC), the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Emerson College (ELA), and Columbia College Hollywood (CCH).  In Russia many post-secondary and technical schools are referred to as colleges. While there is nothing wrong with post-secondary technical colleges like these, they are not true universities.

Columbia College Hollywood, CCH, is a noncommercial private film school that specializes in film and television production. It encompasses writing, producing, directing, digital cinematography, sound recording, editing, visual effects and interactive mass media.


We are "happy to be providing academic programming in Hollywood for HIMC students. We welcome the opportunity for our faculty to provide students with an understanding of their chosen subject area through the lens of Los Angeles."

Bill Smith President & CEO Columbia College Hollywood, California



EMERSON COLLEGE LA was founded in 1880 as a "school of oratory," one the most prestigious institutions of higher education in the field of art and communications in The US. In Hollywood, the university has its own film department specializing in training highly qualified experts in the fields of film, television and mass media.

On the ELA website, architect Thom Maine explains that the Emerson College building that won the 2014 Los Angeles Architectural Awards' grand prize was designed to "expand the interactive, social aspects of education.”


“Emerson College Los Angeles looks forward to welcoming Columbia College Hollywood's students and the HIMC Program to our award-winning Los Angeles Center. Welcome to Hollywood!”

Jon Clayden Director of Post-Graduate/Professional Studies Emerson College Los Angeles, Hollywood, California



The HIMC offers programs in acting, filmmaking and television journalism.  Each program is a full time course of study consisting of lectures, performance, production and postproduction subjects. Our program provides the opportunity for students to explore and experience all the realms of filmmaking so they can discover who they are and what they want to be. All lectures, seminars and practical sessions are provided with simultaneous translation to Russian to overcome any language barrier. Our students work independently as well as in teams so they can learn from each other and still have a voice for self-expression. The learning we provide does not stop in the classroom. Our students have Hollywood at their doorstep. They have full access to the people, places, culture and excitement Hollywood has to offer. 


The HIMC offers a 4 week (160 hrs.) accelerated program in the disciplines of filmmaking, acting and TV journalism. Mornings are devoted to classroom instruction and lectures while after lunch students conduct production exercises, performance, or editing projects on their own. Evenings and weekends are free for independent study, cultural exploration (concerts, theater, clubs, restaurants, cafes, museums, or recreational time at the Mountains or at the beach). Our program is a cultural and social adventure as much as an academic one. At your request, we will provide you with the opportunity to attend film premieres, master classes with motion picture celebrities and stars and many other activities to match your interests. During the weekend, we organize and provide an extensive entertainment program.

From day one, production exercises are assigned and work begins. Students make their films either on stage or on location depending on the assignment. Everyone works in teams of four and rotate job assignments each day. Our program is within reach of all the major Studios. Warner Bros., Universal, Disney, Sony, 21st Century Fox and Paramount are all a short distance away. Tours and access to the studios are available to students. The HIMC's connection to the industry is what sets us apart. By coming to us you have access to all.

We recruit the best there are. Our professors are trained professionals with filmmaking experience. Students get to make contacts and connections with people and facilities that are invaluable assets as they progress in their careers. Our students write, produce, direct and edit films they can use as illustration of their capabilities. Students in the actors program receive two professionally made demo reels to add to their portfolio and TV journalists receive digital copies of their investigative reportage.

Our program, "Strategies for Success in World Cinema," offers students three different 4-week courses to choose from:

Our program is universal because it is intended for a broad audience: college students, graduate students in film, theatre and television, and also amateurs and other people interested in filmmaking and TV journalism. After completing the intensive training in HIMC you will receive a numbered certificate confirming your professional level.

Our program also aims to instill in students the skills of partnership that are needed not only as filmmakers, but also in any sphere of human activity and everyday life in general.


HIMC operates from Emerson College's main building. It is a modern facility located in the heart of Hollywood just steps away from Technicolor-Deluxe Labs, The Sunset Gower Studio and the Dolby Theatre. This magnificent building is designed with form and function in mind. It's beauty is an inspiration to students. It challenges them to match it's stature and to strive to be as creative and successful as their surroundings. 

ELA provides the HIMC with offices, classrooms, an auditorium, a screening room, audio and video labs, music rehearsal studios and study halls.

The two towers on top of the building are connected by a platform that serves as a dormitory for as many as 217 students. This platform is specially equipped with multiple screens and a sound system as well as lighting design. On the inside, wavy designed mesh walls hide staircases and passage ways while providing an aesthetic addition to the building's appeal. On the tenth floor, a patio between the two towers allow classes to be taught under open skies. We also provide our students with comfortable apartments in Park La Brea nearby.


The general management of the Hollywood International Movie Center is directed by Serge Konov and Anatoly Volenberg with the help and guidance of it's supervisory committee.



President and CEO HIMC IMDb

Producer and published author with thirty-five years of experience in cinema. In the last 15 years, he has worked in Hollywood and collaborated as a writer and producer with well-known filmmakers such as Barbara Turner, Larry Cohen, Roland Joffe, Kevin Reynolds, Lionel Chetwynd, Mischa Barton, Anton Elchin, Mel Gibson, Elisha Cathbert and many more.



HIMC Director and CFO

Is a filmmaker who graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Cinema Engineers with a specialty in sound production. He worked with Moldova-Film, Lenfilm, and the General Directorate of Cinema of the USSR. He is also an entrepreneur and is currently engaged in producing many film projects in the US and Russia. Anatoly has extensive experience in management and an administrative prowess for solving the most complex problems in the field of management and promotion.


The supervisory committee is a collegial body of distinguished filmmakers and TV journalists. Its function is to guide and control the activities of the Hollywood International Movie Center in accordance with its charter. This committee makes certain that HIMC may best meet its goals:

  • offer quality training to students during their stay in the US.
  • maintain standards of excellence.
  • search and recruit top talent from around the world to participate in the HIMC program and safeguard it's integrity.

The main function of the Supervisory Committee is to guide and control the activities of the Hollywood International Movie Center in accordance with its charter.

The main task of the Supervisory Committee of HIMC is the development of the Center so that it may better meet its goals : (1) offer quality training to students during their stay in the United States (2) maintain the excellent reputation of the Center (3) attract the best specialists from among professional filmmakers and journalists around the world so that they may participate in the educational process of the HIMC and defend the professional interests of the HIMC.



Writer/Screenwriter, Director, Producer, Journalist, Public Figure.

Lionel is an Academy Award nominee and a multiple winner of the WGA (Writer's Guild of America) Award. He also has many film International awards for his work. Lionel is an author of more than 30 films and TV shows.



Director, Writer, Producer.

Laureate of the Palme d'or at the Cannes film Festival, a multiple Oscar nominee, winner and nominee of 24 prestigious awards, writer and director of more than 30 feature and television films, including "The Killing Fields", "The Mission", "The Scarlet Letter" and "Vatel."



Film Editor.

Nominated for an Academy and BAFTA Award for best editing. His credits include films by Woody Allen, Mike Nichols, Roland Joffe, Penny Marshall, and Arthur




Vice President



Project manager



Project manager

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