The Hollywood International Movie Center, HIMC, has developed a new, exclusive program of training for foreign vocalists, DJs, filmmakers, actors and television journalists. It is based on the curriculum of three of the most prestigious universities in Hollywood: Musicians institute LA, Columbia College Hollywood and the Emerson College LA. This innovative, exclusive, four-week program consists of both theoretical and practical classes that include the major disciplines of music, cinema, dramatic arts and television journalism. But the most important and fundamental difference between our program and others is that ours is aimed at teaching students to effectively implement their professional skills in the film and music business.

These goals are achieved daily through active learning with the use of improvisational techniques in modern classrooms, and in the halls of Emerson College, Columbia College Hollywood and Musicians Institute, where any invented story-themed scenario or action can come to life. We also provide our students with comfortable apartments in Park La Brea, close to Emerson College.

Our program, "Strategies for Success in Music Business and World Cinema" offers students six different 4-week courses to choose from:


The Vocal Basic Program is unique in its kind. Its exclusivity lies in the fact that in a relatively short time the student receives not the general knowledge only, but the practical skills of a modern, versatile vocalist, based on the theory of singing, backed by practice. More


The MI-HIMC Immersive DJ Program is designed to give students an intensive dive into the art, craft, technology, history and business of contemporary DJ’ing. The program achieves its learning objectives through a blend of theoretical and practical applications of core DJ concepts, techniques, and approaches on the latest industry-standard equipment, as taught by experienced DJs and faculty in the heart of the Los Angeles music scene. More

Hollywood as a Synthesis of Art and Business

Teaching the skills of applying each specific filmmaking occupation as a tool for business, collaboration with allied film disciplines, building a consistent and effective career of a filmmaker. As well as acquiring and upgrading professional skills based on the American methodology standards. More

Acting as a Business

The program ‘Acting career as a business’ targets mostly young people, who have already acquired an actor’s education, and students of theatre schools. The name of the program ‘Acting career as a business’ itself implies that the main objective of the offered course is teaching students the right and efficient building of a successful acting career both in Hollywood and back home. Our Program is aimed at upgrading the level of the actors’ professional skills, with an emphasis on the peculiarities of working in Hollywood. More

The Business of Journalism and the Modern TV Presenter

The program ‘School of a contemporary TV broadcaster’ is designed for people who already have a journalism background, students of faculties of journalism, for those wishing to re-train from their existing creative occupation to the profession of a TV broadcaster or obtain additional vocational training. However, basically our course will be useful and interesting to all aspiring journalists without exception. More

Business & Production of Music Videos

This Course’s main objective is to teach aspiring music video directors and producers how to make a music video and how to ensure the music video meets the increasingly high expectations of its audience. We cover all topics ranging from the business of music videos to how to properly shoot one. Teaching the skills of applying each specific filmmaking/music video making occupation as a tool for business, collaboration with allied film disciplines, building a consistent and effective career of a music video makers. As well as acquiring and upgrading professional skills based on the American methodology standards. More

Modern cinema is a unique synthesis of art, creativity and business, and if the secrets of creativity are more or less known, the secrets of the business, as a rule, remain secrets. The American film industry is a huge and complicated business mechanism that works according to certain laws and regulations.

We want our students to understand these rules and learn how to follow them correctly, to build their cinematic careers and point the way to success. This is the main goal of the program: "success strategies for a career in world cinema”.

In addition, our program also aims to increase your professional skills with an emphasis on how to realize yourself in the profession properly and effectively, on how to sell your knowledge and skills. This is the exclusivity and innovation of our program. STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESS IN WORLD CINEMA .

Eminent filmmakers and Hollywood stars have taken part in the preparation of all programs. These include writer and journalist Lionel Chetwynd, director Roland Jaffe, film editor Richard Nord, as well as professors from Columbia College Hollywood and Emerson College LA, all of whom are top-level professionals actively engaged in the production of major American television shows and films. And… All lectures, seminars and practical sessions are provided with simultaneous translation into your native language!

In addition to the training, you'll get the opportunity to attend and participate in master classes with Hollywood stars. During the weekend, we organize an extensive entertainment program. At your request, we will provide you with the opportunity to see the sights of Los Angeles, to attend film premieres, see shows, and visit museums. The program also provides tours of major Hollywood studios.

Our program is universal because it is intended for a broad audience: college students, graduate students in film, theatre and television, and also amateurs and other people interested in filmmaking and TV journalism. After completing the intensive training in HIMC you will receive a numbered certificate confirming your professional level.

Our program also aims to instill in students the skills of partnership that are needed not only as filmmakers, but also in any sphere of human activity and everyday life in general.



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