Of course, most of your time in LA should be assigned to the classes. But do not forget that you are in Los Angeles, the world center of entertainment. Our Center will take care of your leisure time in Los Angeles. We will organize different excursions for you to the most popular places in LA at your request. We can offer you a rich variety of concerts and shows. All the city's museums, the amusement Park Universal, Disney Land are at your disposal. During the weekends you will be able to fly to Las Vegas to try your luck at the casino and see the famous show.

Both Los Angeles and its structure are amazing. Los Angeles, as a city, is known since the second half of the 19th century. Today it is one of the world's largest cultural, scientific, economic, educational centers, one of the largest in the world centers of entertainment, industry, film, music, television and computer games.

Great Los Angeles is home to almost 20 million people. And the uniqueness of the city is that Big LA includes 88 cities. Yeah! Exactly cities but not regions, as it is commonly thought. Each city has its own management, its own style and way of life. You'll never confuse Beverly hills with Hollywood, and Santa Monica with Malibu.

Los Angeles is the world capital of entertainment, however, you will not know about the essence of the city from the screen or reality show; you will learn about it from everyday experience, step by step. And there's a chance that the more you get to know this city, the more you enjoy it.

Today, Hollywood, Downtown, Santa Monica, West Hollywood are at a step of renaissance, while their art, music, fashion and cuisine are at the peak of development.

None of other cities in America has such a number of museums, exhibition centers, concert venues, cinemas. Well, maybe New York. But there's no Hollywood – the pearl of Los Angeles.

Besides spiritual repast our city is also famous for its restaurants and cuisines. You can try any cuisine of the world here.

Los Angeles is famous for its soft, warm and dry climate .

The beaches of Santa Monica, Malibu, Long beach and so on are popular almost throughout the year. In Los Angeles 325 days a year are sunny.

However, seeing is believing! You are welcome!

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