If training in the US is quite intensive and is 18 hours or more per week, you have to get M-1 student visa.


1. DS-160 Form

To obtain the M-1 visa you must complete the DS-160 form. This is the questionnaire that must be completed and submitted via the Internet. Samples can be found at the link:

and this link you fill in with your data:

The confirmation number of this form is necessary for the further appointment at the U.S. Embassy. Print this confirmation and take with you to the Embassy.

2. Color photo

You will need one color photo 5 x 5 cm This photograph will be required while filling out the DS-160 (the image must be loaded on the website), so you need to be photographed in advance. Printed photograph is to be taken to the interview. The photograph must meet the following requirements:

  • It should be made no earlier than 6 months.
  • The head should take up 50-70 % of the area.
  • The background should be white; it is also possible the light background.
  • Minimum image resolution is 600 × 600 pixels; the maximum is 1200 x 1200 pixels.
  • Facial expression must be neutral, and clothes - casual.
Visa Photo

3. I-20 Form

I-20 Form is prepared in Columbia College Hollywood, authorized to receive foreign students. When it is ready, it will be sent to the student by the HIMC representative.

4. Passport

The validity of the passport must exceed six months from the date of the intended return of a student to the United States.

5. Receipt of non-refundable payment fee

The amount of visa fee depends on citizenship. It can be paid in a Bank or by credit card or in the post office. The fee must be paid before the date of the interview with visa officer: to sign up to the interview you will need a number of the payment receipt. Therefore, the fee should be paid in advance. If the visa is not approved, the Embassy does not return the fee. More information about consular fees can be found at the link:

6. The letter of invitation to the interview

Sign up for the interview or change the date using the link:

In order to sign up for the appointment you will need a passport number, the number of the receipt of the payment fee, the confirmation number of the DS-160 form (bar code from 10 digits).


It is recommended to go to the U.S. Embassy 15-20 minutes before the scheduled interview. It is not necessary to come a few hours before — everyone comes to the appointed time. Do not take with you large quantities of personal belongings, everything is to be put in luggage locker. Wires, headphones and USB sticks, aerosols, perfumes, large bags and backpacks are not accepted even in the luggage locker, they will be thrown out. You will have to take your outerwear with you.

You may need an internal passport in order to go to the Embassy or Consulate..

Interview for visa in the US is not an exam, it is just a conversation: it is not necessary to be overly worried. It is enough to keep confidently, answer questions clearly and honestly; a positive attitude during the interview is valued. The interview takes only a few minutes and consists of several issues: the visa officer must ensure that documents are in order, and after graduation, a foreign student will leave the territory of the country.


For the interview you must have the following documents:

  • invitation to an interview,
  • DS-160 form confirmation,
  • printed color photo,
  • passport and old passports,
  • proof of kinship with the homeland, the level of training of the applicant and its financial viability.

There is no exact list of documents and papers that prove the existence of kinship with the homeland. The applicant must prove to the Consul that he/she has a certain connection with his/her country, and by the end of the training, he/she will return home. These could be documents that prove the existence of material ties with home (real estate documents, car, etc.), family ties (marriage certificate, birth of child), professional relationships (work, participation in community organizations, etc.).

In the interview, it is necessary to provide proof of financial solvency. Usually prospective students provide letter from the Bank confirming the availability of the necessary funds. It is necessary to have originals of certificates. If the studies and stay in the United States are paid by the sponsor, it is needed to submit documents proving the relationship (usually a birth certificate or marriage) and the sponsor need to provide personal financial information: Bank reference letter, Declaration of taxes.

In addition to the interview, the Embassy removed the fingerprinting — fingerprints. This procedure takes only a few minutes, it's digital (the fingers will not be dirty with ink).

Important! At the interview, there is no need to show your flight tickets and any bookings of your stay, etc. Until the visa is not approved, it is not necessary to buy tickets or make any reservations!


Refusals of a student visa happens, but it is quite rare case. In this case, the passport is returned during the interview, and the officer informs about the reason of failure. If the officer does not return anything — so everything is O.K. A passport with the student visa is delivered within a few days by courier service to the address indicated while signing up to the interview.

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