Mini-series: adventure, drama, tragicomedy

Status: development

Writer: Lionel Chetwynd

The film is based on the true story of the Soviet seaman Eugene N. Lepke. Being a sailor merchant ships convoys in World War II, transported by caravans of arms and food from Britain and North America to the northern ports of the Soviet Union, went to the bottom 9 times, and survived in all its troubles he accused Jack London.

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Mini-series: drama, detective, thriller

Status: script

Writer: Chris Solimine

This project is an adaptation of the world-famous novel by the great Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky, the pearl of the world of classical literature. The action of the novel moved to the end of the nineteenth century in Northern California, in San Francisco. Neither the plot nor the characters are not changed.

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Serial: adventure, tragedy, history

Status: development

This is a film about outstanding military leader, Colonel of General Staff of the Russian Army, a talented engineer, musician and artist Ivan Vasilievich Turchaninov (1822-1901), known in the United States under the name of John Basil Turchin, a hero of the Civil War, Brigadier General northerners.

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Serial: biopic, drama, adventure

Status: script

Writer: Michael Chernuchin

The life of Count Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy as the life of every genius, is an interesting book itself, full of interesting events, colorful characters and contradictory. A wide audience, as a rule, are not familiar with the biographical details of the great people of our world, and this fact provokes their interest in such movies.

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TV Mini Series: period political drama/suspense

Writer: Lionel Chetwynd

Winter's End examines the precarious moment in history when three extraordinary women overcame their differences to pull the world back from the brink of a potential disaster of The Cold War.

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TV Series: period drama/suspense

It is an adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's "War and Peace". Since its publication nearly a century and a half ago, it has been firmly planted atop of every list of "Best Novels Ever Written". The adaptation will feature a fast paced life of youth of that time with main characters ranging from teens to late 20's, privileged and rich, some more than others. Our contemporary approach and concept will not only entail the emphasis on modern day problematics in relationships, love affairs and sex but also a modern touch in series' soundtrack and production tone. It is the story of youth coming of age while the world is at war.

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Feature Film: period action, adventure, epic

It is a legend of INAL, a Circassian prince of the 14th century. Circassia, lodged in the Northern Caucasus, is terrorized by a cruel warlord. After the little prince's clan is massacred Inal is hidden among pirates and is sold into slavery. The prince grows up to become a great warrior and commander and goes on to become a sultan and rule Egypt. He leads an army to confront Tamerlane and bring peace and justice to his country. Written by Writers Guild of America and Emmy nominee Barbara Turner, whose credits include such Oscar winning and nominated films as “Pollock” and “Georgia”.

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