02 August

Welcome to Columbia College Holywood!

August 02, 2017 15:30,

Today HIMC team visits Columbia College Hollywood! Let’s look inside the top-25 best film school in USA. It’s a place to fulfill your most daring dreams, to write your outstanding script, to make your catchy movie shot!
Columbia College Hollywood is the premier liberal arts college for film, television, new media, and digital arts where you'll study what you love and gain real world experience in our student-centered facility under the guidance of an accomplished, award-winning faculty of professionals who share your passion. An abundance of employment partners and a strong alumni and mentoring network will connect you first-hand with the craft and business of the entertainment industry.
Columbia College Hollywood works with HIMC, offering intensive, short-term training programs on acting, filmmaking, broadcast journalism and music video production. Find more here https://himcla.com/course
You won’t learn by waiting for things to fall into your lap. You should go out and get it yourself. Join us, register now! https://himcla.com/course/actor

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