31 July

Emerson College Tour!

July 31, 2017 18:29,

In this video our charming guide, actress Taylor Bennet will introduce HIMC students to Emerson College! Being herself an Emerson College graduate, Taylor will show you the facilities, so you won’t get lost. You will learn where is Vin Di Bona Learning Center, computer labs, dressing rooms and where you can take a break and make a marvelous barbeque party! The breathtaking view of Los-Angeles from the top of the Emerson College LA building is one of the Emerson’s inspirational factors.
But why you should study there and why to choose HIMC programs? Along with professional skills, you will learn how to be viable and goal-focused in-demand professional. For those that are considering college or looking to sharpen their skills we offer hands-on 4-week educational programs. Find more here https://himcla.com/course choose a course and register! HIMC & Emerson make your dreams come true!

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