14 August

Film editing with Richard Nord

August 14, 2017 09:14,

Did you know that film editor is one of the highest paying jobs in the film industry? Editors perform one of the most important -- but least glamorous -- jobs in Hollywood. It's not uncommon for a director to shoot hundreds of hours of footage that needs to be whittled down to a tight, 90-minute film. A skilled editor will select the scenes and individual shots that best tell the story according to the director's specific vision.
HIMC team visited Richard Nord, Oscar and BAFTA nominee, one of the best Hollywood film editors. We found him in front of a console of computer monitors, shaving seconds off of shots and painstakingly editing audio. Although we drastically disturbed him, Richard Nord answered all our tricky questions with a sweet smile. Now we know everything about editing and the biggest Oscar secret! We can share with you, too! Visit us here https://himcla.com/course/hollywood

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