08 August

HIMC welcomes you in Musicians Institute!

August 08, 2017 17:23,

Musicians Institute is ready to welcome HIMC students! In this video MI Academic Coordinator Jace McDonald will guide us through the magic world of music. Musicians Institute (MI) is a for-profit college of contemporary music that offers a variety of educational programs in Hollywood, California. MI students can earn Certificates and — with transfer of coursework taken at Los Angeles City College — Associate of Arts Degrees, as well as Bachelor of Music Degrees in either Performance or Composition. The School of Performance Studies includes Bass, Drums, Guitar, Keyboard Technology and Vocals; while the School of Entertainment Industry Studies features Audio Engineering, Guitar Craft, Independent Artist and Music Business. Founded in 1977, MI is focused on building creative skills and providing all the tools students need to develop careers as musicians and music industry professionals.
The best way to get into the Institute is to start with the HIMC program Business & Production of Music Videos. HIMC cooperates with Musicians Institute to achieve the full realization of HIMC music programs. You’re highly encouraged to apply https://himcla.com/course/music_video?locale=en Get inspiration in the heart of Hollywood!

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