The American film industry is unique in that it markets the "American experience. Many countries have their own film industry and their ways of doing things but each one is influenced with what originates from the West. Hollywood is the Mecca of the global film industry. It's way of working sets the rules on how things are done.  Speed, efficiency and optimum results are the bottom line and no place does it better than Hollywood USA.

This in no way is meant to diminish the value of Classic Russian Cinema. On the contrary, Hollywood takes from the best and have long followed the lessons taught by Russian masters like Chekhov, Eisenstein, and Vertov. One of the objectives of the HIMC program is to reaffirm the significance of Russian film production during it's golden age and add it to our curriculum. We review the historical achievements made in visual story telling and combine it with practical everyday lessons. Our program is set to combine the ideal with the real.

The MI-HIMC Immersive Vocal and DJ Programs are designed to give students an intensive dive into the art and craft of contemporary vocal and DJ performance. Programs achieve their learning objectives through a blend of theoretical and practical applications of core vocal and DJ techniques, styles, approaches, and environments (stage and studio, group classes and one-on-one private lessons) taught by experienced vocalists? DJs and faculty with the assistance of a live band in the heart of the Los Angeles music scene. The programs are ideal for beginners, but also those wishing to further develop their vocal or DJ techniques and performance skills in the cultural setting of Hollywood, California.



We at HIMC have created a program to train vocalists, DJs, actors, filmmakers and television journalists from throughout the world. Our intensive four-week program combines practice with theory. Our focus is on music studies, the dramatic arts and television journalism. Our aim is to teach students to implement their professional skills in the film and music business. This  is a unique synthesis of art, creativity and business, and if the secrets of creativity are more or less known, the secrets of the business, as a rule, remain secrets. The American music and film industry are huge and complicated business mechanisms that works according to certain laws and regulations. We want our students to understand these rules and learn how to follow them correctly, to build their cinematic careers and point the way to success. This is the main goal of the program: "Success strategies for a career in music business and world cinema.”

In addition, our program also aims to increase your professional skills with an emphasis on how to realize yourself in the profession properly and effectively, on how to sell your knowledge and skills.


Our expectation is that our graduates will be able to use the skills and direction we provide to become skilled professionals capable of finding employment in the film industry. We expect them to either continue their education or join the workplace and help lead the way to modernization and advancement.



  • sense of rhythm, musical memory, improvement of musical ear;
  • vocal technique (the ability to understand and control sound production);
  • understand harmony, as the interrelationship of various specific musical and artistic elements and combinations specific to vocal;
  • analyze musical forms;
  • understand the basics of stage movement and acting;
  • sing in a musical ensemble;
  • singing in english;
  • navigate and perform in various musical genres (rock, pop, blues, jazz, etc.);
  • master the studio technologies;


  • knowledge of musical styles;
  • using vinyl and cd;
  • ability to work with the industry-standard dj hardware and computer applications;
  • sequencing for the stage and studio;
  • song structure;
  • remxing;
  • history of the field;
  • doing business as a dj;


  • purchase/increase/improve their skills in filmmaking, both in theory and practice;
  • remain highly creative specialists while working under a rigid time schedule and production budget;
  • be part of a single creative team united in the achievement of a common goal;
  • navigate freely in the movie business;
  • understand the internal mechanism and structure of Hollywood and the global film industry;
  • work and behave professionally according to the standards of Hollywood;
  • build, effectively and systematically, a career both at home and in Hollywood;
  • create one independently made short film and shoot 4 scenes/educational films;


  • find in the heroes’ images the features that make the image and the narrative reliable.
  • use their own life experience in the first trial audition, adding individual features to the image of the hero;
  • become part of a single creative team, acting and cooperating to achieve a common goal;
  • convincingly "live a stage" in front of the camera, rationally applying this ability in given conditions;
  • work and behave professionally;
  • build their careers effectively and systematically;
  • extract the maximum from their profession of material gain;
  • make two video clips (demo reels) in which the actor is the scene in dramatic and comedic genres.


  • explore the theme in an effective manner;
  • conduct their own investigations;
  • write the text (script) of his/her statement;
  • operate modern equipment;
  • shoot;
  • organize a survey;
  • work in the studio and in the field;
  • work in the frame;
  • work as both part of a group and solo;
  • edit;
  • be part of a single creative team, acting and cooperating to achieve a common goal;
  • work and behave professionally;
  • build their careers effectively and systematically;
  • extract the maximum from their profession in terms of material gain;


  • Acquire/upgrade/improve their professional skills in major filmmaking/music video disciplines in theory and in practice;
  • Remain highly creative specialists in the conditions of a tight time schedule of production and budget;
  • Be a part of a collaborative creative team, tight-knit and integral, committed to achieving a shared objective;
  • Feel confident in the film business;
  • Understand the inner mechanism and structure of Hollywood and the global Film industry;
  • Work and conduct oneself in a professional way, and in accordance with Hollywood standards;
  • Build one’s career effectively and consistently in one’s home country and in Hollywood;
  • Have a portfolio of one original music video and 4 scenes - student films;
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